lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009


I went to a circus! Yeah!I always liked this kind of presentations, so I took some images and the show was very participatory.

Furthermore I wanna introduce this clown and his mate who gave me a balloon to the kermesse.
Well got to leave the fantasy world and get back to the reality,


summer morning

i think everyone knows what kermesse or sports mornings are... but for the ones that doesn't: they're this carnival events full of games and food organized by guatemalan schools during saturdays of February to April. well, returning to the issue, this weekend i went to one where I took some interesting photos which show some of the looks this summer ...
Colors! Flip-Flops! Sunglasses! Shorts! I bet you already are feeling the heat! hehehe!


lately I been wanting to take more diverse images to present the uniqueness of my country and here I publish some photos of vehicles I saw the weekend ...
like this from year's 1918 ... not even dreaming about being born, right?
i also saw the green one (literally)
the rustic
finally, every guatemalan kid rides this famous horses
At full speed this week,



In Guate there's is something that always gives me such an impression, no matter what time of year we have a truly enviable climate, of course that's the reason we're called the eternal spring land. Sometimes it almost seems as if nature is fighting for its place in our civilization ... and if you do not believe me take a look at this picture!
Back from the Planet Hour:


if there is something a woman can't have enough is ...
hehehe! You get what I mean right?
Well since I like these accessories here I leave you some pics of the the most interesting shoes I've found ...

hope you've like it, this all was to begin this week with gOoD sTeP.


viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

lunch time

hi you! yep I know a whole week and no photos... anyway today I finally ended all this job I had and here I leave you some pictures I manage to take in my lunch break... so you can see how some people spent their lunch time....
Bon apettit!
Mrs Mary Hot-Dogs (or Shukos as they're called here) are yummy, if you don't believe me take a look at this close up in the make
an ice-cream for the sun...
FInally as always: ¡have a nice rest this weekend!


viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009

hardly any time

Hi! Well lately I haven't had any time to take some pictures, so here I leave 2 for now ...

Hopefully this weekend I'll take some more and soon them will be upload, with some story.

Greets and happy weekend!


martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

summer colors

Hey I already told you how much I love the summer ... and finally a there is a little more sunshine every day, so I noticed more people falling in this wave of summer, celebrations and shiny colors or details.
Here I leave you some pics:

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

proudly national!

I had to include this picture...
All Guatemalans know what Gallo means: National Pride! What better way to express that feeling that in our whole dressing!




I like to go out and party
maybe because it means feeling the music, dancingmeeting with friendshaving funplus I also love the fact that everyone dresses so stylish to partyThese photos were of my friday at My Martini.
And do you enjoy to party at weekends?



I think dressing, is not only using clothes, but showing our personality, expressing a personal attitude. It's a way to clarify our character ...

maybe this thought of mine is the reason i like to pay attention how Guatemalans dress and how they adapt their culture and own way of being

without fear of being different

using accessories according to their personality

Does the way you dress, express your personality?