viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

amaizing pics

hey I got something! for quite soooome days I have received pics or links of Guatemalans who, like me, like to show and express their personal point of view. So this post is about other people pictures. Hope you like it and comment to support the Guatemalan art.

the first one and these other are pictures of a super friend who took them for a design class,
but I truly believe they show a different perspective of Antigua
Some of the oldest ... these are some of Bianca and her serie invisible
these are of a friend who just started his course of photography... how about?

and finally I left a small sample of super professional photos.
For more info visit the author's page, who I had pictured before in my contemporary artists post.

well that's it, tell me what you think, if you have your own photos send them, and more important support art.

have a nice weekend,


jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009


Well here I left some pics that show why Guatemala Amazes Me!
friends and attitudes with style
here, everybody who has a piercing or a tattoo knows themin rainy days... we use an umbrella!
wow! it was simply above my creativityand last, but not least, i dunno why but this old man was walking in the middle of the mall with this huge umbrella... for now I'm done.XO,


martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

a change in the wind

hey there... i think to all of us who love Guate, this whole scandalous situation of the past days has really affected us. So I will take this post to remind you that there are not only thieves and crooks. We are good, honest and working people.
After showing you that we know how to fight for what we want and work to archieve our goals I leave you photos of a walk that went against polio in our country.
Lets go ahead & support the good things of Guatemala.