jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010


Last week I was in El Salvador visiting my family.
In the afternoon we went out for ice cream at this delicious place called Liebe Das, it's located in Multiplaza and if you're there I highly recommend it. I specially digged the idea, coz is all about the 'DIY' concept and the service was super kind.
Besides I also run into this two girls with a very particular style.
They get inspired in the Japanese harajuku style.
The whole look is very planned, just take a closer look to the shoes.
Have a Nice Day!

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010


A few days ago it was Carnival Fest and at home we made a plaster mask>

The whole process was super fun & therefore I leave some pics.
All you need is a Roll of Plaster, some water, petroleum jelly and scissors.

First> Wash your face properly and apply the vaseline where you want the mask.
This is Important!
{Otherwise the plaster sticks to your face and you'll suffer extreme depilation}

Second> Cut small strips of plasters, pass them quickly through water and apply to your face.
Through plaster layers try to create the form you want.
Third> Once you have formed the mask, let it dry in approximately 10 minutes.
Fourth> The dry mask is white, but you can paint it and then decorate.
We used black paint, lace and some golden sequins to create this!
yeah wow-> it wasn't that hard was it?
Make your own experiments and have an awesome week!

Looking For

Creative Guatemalans
that know how to have a great time,
like art or design,

have style
and know what they want

I got a project coming soon so if anyone is willing to participate,
write me an email, ok? ->
Carpe Diem,