miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

secret career

All my life I have had a dream career secret, many are wondering what is this? wel, it's a job that I have always wanted to be but I've never done.. And what's mine? Street-sweeper! yep! hehe! already told! that idea has always fascinated me, i dunno if an old Cantinflas movie I saw as a child has something to do or i don't know... And now I have come to meet a man who inspired me, besides he working as my dream career, he does it amazingly: singing, half dancing and blessing everyone around him!
I present you Mr. Miguel García a really inspiring man, just meeting him made my day glad. I hope you find your inspiration. Good día!


loving saturdays!

for those who didn't know I had tooons of work, which is OK ... but extreeemly tired... so on Saturday morning I took a well-deserved break, oh yeah! to my surprise, guess what I found? Lots of Style! Yes!
Guate Amazes Me!
so this photo came out blurry! But it's summer time and yes I love the summer!
finally here's my favorite photo of the day which actually was the first one i took:
¿Coco Chanel? I love that kind of style!

I send you a big kiss and whishes of a good week .... I leave it now, 'cause need to go back to work. Xoxo!


miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009


I can not believe it! Hehehe! I'm finally back... I regret my absence... maybe it was a mixture of hard work, design projects, lack of inspiration and other issues here... well there-s no excuse so here I left some pics ...! have fun!

I present you the one who inspired me to take pictures today... it's no what it sounds, but for me it just seemed the clothes were made for him, it just thrilled me. wearing squares Helloooo snickers!this was so spontaneous, but simply fascinates me! & finally a great T! I love this song by Frank Sinatra! Listen to him.Well thanks for waiting! Now if I'm going to be more consistent with my posts ...