viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

contemporary artists

Yesterday I went to this art opening called "Guatemalan Contemporary Artists and French Masters " where they choose 8 works by young Guatemalan with a different proposal on some French Classics.

As always I took several photos of different personalities found there:some with contrasting styles,others with a particular style expressing their own personalityI think in general the images show an atmosphere surrounded by creative people.
For example, I present you, as told, one of the best jugglers in Guatemala.Then, here is Bianca next to her strong artworkI love the gray bag down and it seems to be a original guatemalan design. If someone knows, tell us!Of course there where other photographers, so I hope at least someone will tell me the name of the magazine.

I loved the artwork and I recommend it, so here I leave you the link, in case you're around on time.

Viva l'Art!


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