jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


clothes for me are a way of expression, they show a personal style or point of view and present it to the surrounding world; it's a form of art and also several times through history it has been used as a symbol of rebellion. no need for time travel, only by watching the latest events in Guatemala city that have been distinguished by the use of white.
So, why the title? Wouldn't uniforms stand for a censorship to our self-expression? Aren't they the very antithesis of freedom to dress up as one wishes? ABSOLUTELY!
... and generally I'm opposed to the use of uniforms because it restricts our autonomy and will, however I have noticed some benefits of uniforms such as:
serving as an icon
help to easy recognition
allow identification with an ideal
a team
a feeling
a group
they make us feel part of a larger goal and we are proud of it
they make our goal seem closer and this explains the contrast of this publication with others.

ok I was running away of tons of work but now I got to get back and return another day.



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