lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010


A few days ago it was Carnival Fest and at home we made a plaster mask>

The whole process was super fun & therefore I leave some pics.
All you need is a Roll of Plaster, some water, petroleum jelly and scissors.

First> Wash your face properly and apply the vaseline where you want the mask.
This is Important!
{Otherwise the plaster sticks to your face and you'll suffer extreme depilation}

Second> Cut small strips of plasters, pass them quickly through water and apply to your face.
Through plaster layers try to create the form you want.
Third> Once you have formed the mask, let it dry in approximately 10 minutes.
Fourth> The dry mask is white, but you can paint it and then decorate.
We used black paint, lace and some golden sequins to create this!
yeah wow-> it wasn't that hard was it?
Make your own experiments and have an awesome week!

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