jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009

Guatemala Has Fashion!

The survey results showed that 81% felt that Guatemala has its own sense of fashion, so here i left some pictures that capture the different styles I notice in these past days.

I like the idea of combining dress pants and jacket with tennis, for me it just makes the whole outfit seem fresh.

Although the idea of matching bears and square paintings would never have gone through my mind, the result is really interesting. Besides watch her shoes!

This style is super unique, leaves the mold and it also has a Spanish air ... maybe it's the skirt.

I am happy that summer is beginning, because that means hot, sun, beach, party ... hehehe! But in clothing it translates into smaller clothes and bright colors, such as those wore on those shirts! Yeah!

This last photo was taken today, if they had been alone, they might not have drawn my attention, but together they simply: MATCH!

For you who what is fashion? do yo have any pictures? Send them! This survey is now officially over and I have a new one: Are you proud to be a Guatemalan?


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